For Marketing Managers

Centralised reporting

for you and your agency

Measurebyte is an independent Looker Studio reporting company that helps brands centralise their paid, owned and earned media data.

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Why marketing managers use Measurebyte

  • To develop cross functional team agility.
  • To ensure there is agency accountability.
  • To train their media teams on data best practises.
  • To speed up reporting and decision processes.

What happens when you use Measurebyte reporting


Conversion Rate


Audience CTR


UX Engagement

"Measurebyte’s DecisionBoards have totally transformed our campaign performance and prompted us to put really great feedback and optimisation loops in place."

Kelly Driscoll, Head of Demand Generation

"I would highly recommend Measurebyte to any company looking to streamline their marketing efforts and achieve better results!"

Jakub, Snr Digital Manager

Plan smartly, manage time and media spend effectively

Use Looker Studio integrations to ensure a higher ROI by allocating resources to the most impactful customer stages and relevant channels, while saving time and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Set goals that inspire your agency partners

Foster a motivated and focused team environment where everyone is driven to exceed well-defined and strategic omnichannel objectives.


  • Management view

Real-time oversight of activities, campaigns, and results for team alignment.

  • Collaborative insights

Annotate data, share feedback, and co-create insights for joint accountability.

  • Campaign taxonomy

Custom campaign and UTM naming conventions to unify data orchestration.

  • Track optimisations

Real-time incremental tracking of tests and changes for collaborative alignment.

Drive agency adoption with data coaching

Using the MeasureBrand® Framework, Measurebyte facilitates collaborative sessions where teams can discuss, debate, and derive conclusions from the insights provided by our coaching mechanism.

Enhance your audience strategy with insightful campaign data

Explore deeper audience data to refine your strategies, making your campaigns more effective and resonating better with your future customers.

Work together effortlessly to achieve creative excellence

Streamline collaboration media and creative teams using the MeasureBrand® Framework, reduce misunderstandings, and accelerate your campaign launch cycles, ensuring timely and resonant content delivery.

Financial oversight like never before

Maintain full control over your budget, eliminating unforeseen expenses and maximizing the value derived from every dollar spent.

Measurebyte reporting creates marketing agility

Independent measurement partners connecting your own data.