Simplify, centralise and automate your most important marketing data

Transforming your marketing team
from a cost centre into a profit centre.

The best professionals from leading agencies, innovators, and brands rely on us.

Measurebyte reduces uncertainty
for marketing teams.

Aligned KPIs and OKRs

KPIs are more than just numbers. They help your team take ownership of their contributions and break down silos between departments.

Agile decision making

We combine our expertise in agencies, marketing, technology, and data to help you drive measurable results that impact brand and revenue growth.

Centralised marketing data

Better focus on the customer journey, better data collection, and improved insights all go hand in hand.

Our four-step approach to measuring marketing ROI


Run diagnostics to understand your marketing challenges

The more data you try to gather, the more you miss, and the more you spend. This is the marketing challenge today. Adopting a truly data-driven culture, means starting simple.

Our upfront consulting approach:

Align leadership's motivating metrics using KPIs and OKRs.

Document current measurement maturity.

Document people and process requirements.

Document martech and data requirements.

Your own bespoke measurement framework.


Reduce uncertainty with DecisionBoard

Our strategic data visualisations blend marketing and business data for decision makers using clearly defined Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

What you get:

A centralised full funnel view of marketing’s performance across paid, owned and earned media.

Better decisions being made by your leadership on a monthly basis.

Pro-active target setting for each marketing metric that matters.

Performance monitoring of metrics that matter using RAG (Red, amber and green).

Improved weekly and monthly reporting efficiency.


Activate your team to find insights with IdeationRoom

Marketers can’t achieve maximum performance when they rely on strung-together processes to build campaigns, manage key stakeholders, and run weekly/monthly reporting.

We help you discover new growth opportunities and enable you to start converting data insights into action.

Weekly data insights sessions

Find cost saving opportunities

Audience understanding initiatives

Analysis of creative performance

Campaign optimisation improvements

Advisory role to improve on internal processes

Monthly trend sessions

Digest of global and local trends

Current cultural influencing trends

Technology trends

Channels of influence

Brands dominating cultural relevance


Draw a clear line between spend and impact with GrowthEngine

Use GrowthEngine's marketing mix model to transform your sales forecasting process and commit marketing budgets with confidence.


Make better decisions about audience targeting, creative messaging and customer experience.


Be able to clearly see which marketing tactics work best.


Build alternative scenarios to test and optimise your marketing mix.


Data pipeline quality assurance and modelling of your company's Metrics That Matter.