The launch of our MeasureBrand® Playbook

Measurement Framework

Built by Measurebyte (in Notion). All things related to measurement - processes, best practices, setup guides, and more!


December 1, 2021

Company News

The Update

Why was it built?

From our experience working in all types of businesses, there is a definite need to bring clarity and focus to what really matters when growing a brand.

We aim to build a playbook that is one of the most comprehensive marketing guide's that will revolutionise the way marketers do marketing. If you want to grow your brand and business through data-driven marketing, rolling out this Playbook in a methodical approach is a must-have.

The Playbook covers three very specific challenges the marketing industry has currently, 1) an understanding of what good looks across the full buying funnel. 2) Operationalising observations and implementation of key insights and 3) being able to accurately predict and forecast business growth using marketing mix modelling - an alternative to attribution.

What is it?

The MeasureBrand® Playbook begins by understanding your business challenges and brand growth requirements. We assess your marketing measurement maturity by providing a reporting gap analysis, understand operational processes from briefing to implementation, a review of campaign taxonomy and developing an initial measurement framework.

There are three pillars that we take our clients through.

1) Leadership

The outcome of this first phase is to develop a Version 1.0 of DecisionBoard, which is used to align your senior management. This step is critical because we facilitate a process where we identify the metrics that matter to individual team member KPIs and business growth goals, which is guided by several methodologies that Measurebyte aligns with.

2) Operations

Once we have clarity on the metrics that matter and have embedded a reporting structure, we create a process called IdeationRoom that allows your team and agency partners to innovate, collaborating on new audience and creative insights to inform your existing creative processes.

This can either be built in-house for you or outsourced to us completely. The key outcome for the IdeationRoom is to build the processes to not only find the insight but to help execute on it. This second step in our Playbook is critical because it enables your team to build better data-driven habits.

3) Data

This is GrowthEngine, a marketing mix modelling solution that addresses the shortfalls of attribution measurement. It has been built to get a better understanding of where to prioritise budgets based on the metrics that matter, the cornerstone of our measurement approach.