The Measure Pro Slack group is now out of beta

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You've got questions, we've got answers. Join us in the Measure Pro Slack group.


January 13, 2022

Company News

The Update

Why was it created?

We started the Measure Pro Slack group with the vision to help improve the broader African marketing analytics industry and be able to ask and give help within this community. We know that many industry professionals are searching for somewhere local to go and have their questions answered, discuss different marketing and analytics topics, meet other professionals and learn about the latest technological advances in this field.

In South Africa (and globally), there is a shortage of skilled data professionals who understand marketing data. We believe that an online community is a way to safely address skills support, mentorship and general career guidance in a remote working environment, which is sometimes lacking in most fast paced working environments.

What is it?

In mid 2021, we launched a Slack group called Measure Pros. Initially, we started the group because we wanted to develop an online community of trusted professionals who we could share ideas with, ask technical questions and have some fun banter with other like-minded people. Since inception, we have invited 40 industry professionals to join us in our journey. The Measure Pro Slack group has already enabled individuals to gain useful insights and conduct numerous technical discussions with others in the local industry, helping them to find new hires and also continue to share their knowledge. The sharing of knowledge is critical if we want to truly address the skills gap.

In 2022, we plan to expand the membership in our Slack group. As of now, we are accepting both entry level and seasoned industry professionals who want to learn about marketing analytics and contribute to the community.

Of course... To retain the integrity of the group, we are not going to accept just anyone. We need to retain its credibility by implementing some strict community rules.

Join us, lets grow together and make Africa based marketing analytics professionals world-class!

You can request access here.