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A community for everyone interested in digital analytics and measurement. Join our Measure Pro Slack community for exclusive content, accountability partners, group-coaching calls with marketing analytics experts and analysts, and more! If you're an active member of the analytics community in any way—whether you're a student, professional or freelancer; or if you manage or work at a company that focuses on data-driven optimization—this is the place for you.
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Please note that this form is for requesting access to the Measure Pro Slack group. The group's intent is for knowledge sharing, connecting with peers in the industry, and some fun. Anyone who shamelessly promotes their products or services will be warned and eventually removed from the group. Please do not steal information from the Measure Pro Slack group.

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Because we don't want to be flooded with DM spam and we care about quality participation, we have a human deciding if new requests for the Slack community are legitimate. This means you may have to wait a couple days for your request to be approved, but we believe this makes it more safe and welcoming for everyone.

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